Review: Perfect Uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller Free Demos

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There are a number of software removal utilities on the market that claim to be free, or offer free demos.

However you need to be cautious of Greeks bearing gifts; or in this case free removal software that really isn’t free at all. One of the more common software removal programs on the internet is Perfect Uninstaller which does a good job after you register the product. You will see a “Free Demo Download” button on their legitimate main site homepage.  But beware however. There are a number of bootleg versions being marketed as well as “cloned websites” that say “Free Download”, mostly promoted some of their more cleaver affiliate partners!

While the downloading process might indeed be free, to take full advantage of the registry clean up tools needed to remove complex apps like iTunes for instance, you must invest around $39 to “enable” the full package. In fact, without registration, Perfect Uninstaller’s unregistered demo version does not clean up latent registry entires at all. You will only find this out at the end of a lengthy scanning process. (Maybe your watching the scanning process is what PU considers to be a demo!)

There are other choices if you are looking for a free uninstaller demo with registry cleanup. Revo Uninstaller for instance has a free version that is in fact really free. It will clean the registry to a moderate level, usually good enough to fix problems itunes and other complex software. They have a PRO version that does a deep cleaning and provides some additional features.

Perfect Uninstaller does indeed do a very good job uninstalling software, we are not knocking it, but its demo ( while free to download ) does not really demonstrate anything special other then the ability to run the applications own uninstall program and shows you that it can scan your PC. It also does a good job letting you know you have to register your copy to actually remove any latent registy entries… It’s possible that the claims of “Free Download” found on a number of their PU promotional affiliate websites are just telling you that they are not charging you for downloading the demo! Very cagey marketing !

The links below are to the main websites of both software uninstallers… As always… you should judge for yourself:

Perfect Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller

Can’t uninstall iTunes?

One software application that has many users pulling their hair out their heads trying to uninstall it is iTunes. It contains a number of stealth “helper” applications that must be uninstalled along with the main program. See this : for more information. iTunes is one example of just how complex current leading edge software has become. With this complexity sometimes comes a very real challenge during the removal process.

The solution for example reviewed on the How To Uninstall iTunes website above describes the complexity but offers a solution along with screen-shots and step by step instructions on how to uninstall itunes. From the number of positive comments on the original article, and from Google searches, iTunes seems to be one of the most problematic applications to uninstall properly. They are an example of growing number of specialized websites to help with uninstalling software properly.  In this case providing assistance uninstalling iTunes. A case in point on the changing complexity of mega software installations from major computer software firms such as Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and others.

In summary… not all “free” demo software are really “free” and it pays to do some comparison shopping before investing your time only to find a pop up telling you to pay up!

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