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Online database is the powerful addition for every website these days.MyTaskHelper Web Form Builder is a Free online database application that creates the most unbelievable Web forms you have ever seen. Add input boxes, text areas, lists, drop-down boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, Files/Video/Images and more. The best part is, you don’t have to know any code. With Web Form Builder, you can create snazzy Web forms without any HTML knowledge. Also you can collect, store and share Forms using Widgets MyTaskHelper helps you create online databases on the web.
Main Page

Web-Forms Builder
Form Builder
Creation fields
MyTaskHelper makes it easy to let your users submit and edit data on the web with Pages. Once you’ve started a database, simply drag-and-drop the elements you want to a page. You can publish a web-accessible form within seconds.

Build as many different pages as you like to create a workflow. Control exactly who can access what page, be it a limited set of people or the world at large. You can even add data views and let people edit certain data without access to your entire application.
Collect the data

The published pages are streamlined and simple so they can be offered as-is, or embedded within your own web site. Forms automatically validate user input for required fields and invalid data.
Analyze and report View your data Data collected by your form goes straight into a MyTaskHelper database where you can immediately manipulate it and create intelligent, powerful reports, all without touching a single line of code or bothering a programmer.

* Runs on any computer using one of the following Web browsers:
* Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Opera
* Support for Safari Mobile on iPhone/iPod Touch

Multiple users

* Separate login
* Simple administration
* Two levels of access Owner and Member. You can manage your Team on the Team page.

Public access

* Control public access to data exports
* Share data on web pages with Widgets,
– just few lines of code, which will show your forms and data on your own site
* Build forms to collect data from the public


* All changes tracked by user
* Add columns to show date last modified and user who last modified


* Add/remove any column
* Sort by any column
* Multi-level grouping
* Derive data from linked entries
* Last modified (date/user)
* Edit data in columns


* Summarize grouped data
* Total and Average for Number properties

Input and imports

* Comma (CSV) or tab-separated values
* Direct from web page or RSS feed
* Easy-to-use form-based editor
* Drag-and-drop form builder to collect data from others

Publish data
You creating online database, making it public and copy/paste widgets code.
Embed dynamic pages with data views and/or forms into a web site

We know that putting data onto the web is a security concern for some users. Everyone should be concerned about the privacy of their data including, and especially, personal information. Below are some answers to some questions on this topic. You can also consult our full privacy policy.

* Graceful Degradation (Runs with or without JavaScript, CSS and Cookies)
* W3C Valid XHTML and CSS
* 508 Accessibility Compliant
* UTF-8 (Views and Accepts International Characters)
* Can be Personalized and Branded with Themes
* Customized Confirmation Messages
* Redirect to Web Page on Confirmation
* Confirmation Email Receipt to User
* Field Instructions for the User
* Automatically Validate Data by Type
* Required Fields
* Randomize Choice Order
* Hidden Fields
* Admin Only Fields
* Predefined Values
* (Certain Fields)
* Password Protection
* Schedule Form Activity
* Limit Entries by IP Address
* Limit Maximum Number Entries Accepted


* Single Line Text
* Multi Line Text (Textarea)
* Numbers
* Multiple Choice (Radio)
* Checkboxes
* File Upload

Fancy Pants Fields

* Name
* Date (Includes Date Picker)
* Time
* Phone (US and International)
* Mailing Address (Map Integration)
* Web Site Address
* Email Address
* Currency (Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Yen)

* Notify Multiple Users
* Customizable Emails
* Email Workflow Integration
* Windows Desktop Notifier
* Advanced Templating API


* 128 Bit SSL Security
* SPAM Protection
* Nightly Backups
* Onsite and Offsite Backups

Who is this app designed for:

For people  who wants to create online database and put it into them websites. For everyone who wants online databases without php,sql,asp…other programming languages.  

The Good
It’s easy to use yet extremely flexible and powerful.

* You saving your time.
* It’s all working – you don’t need to download/install/configure/learn databases/programming/HTML/CSS.
* You just get it all and filling your projects with your data.
* You can export collected data(from users input) to Excel, share with the Team

Why I think you should use this product
Online database is the powerful addition for every website these days.I know many ways to create online database, but necessary to know php,sql,asp…other languages. At our days we  have not a time for this, therefore I think you should use this system, because MyTaskHelper absolutely free, ease in use, you should not learn programming languages.

How does it compare to similar apps
In a web you can find some similar sites, but they basically paid or difficult in use. MyTaskHelper has many features, unites in itself Form Builder, Widget Builder, Online Database and ease in use.

The main features:
– you can create complex web-forms
– you can put this forms to your site, using Widget Builder menu
– you can create file/image/video databases
– again you can integrate Widget-form for adding some records to your site, and another widget for integrating your collected data
– you can add validations, to be sure your users add proper data, for example Email validation, uniqueness etc
– and it’s all for free
I am assured that online databases will be very demanded in a world.
I hope MyTaskHelper will help everyone!

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