Moringa Leaf Powder – How to Get Them and Use Them

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Moringa leaf powder is known for some innumerable health benefits. The powder also offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to the way it could be a part of the diet. They could be stored for long periods of time and are very effective both against helping the body maintain balance as far as hormones and blood pressure are concerned and yet get the nutrients that are so important.


Moringa leaves can be harvested once you have the trees. The trees are grown in intensive plots of production. These plants are usually trimmed at up to 50cm or 20 inches above the ground. The trimming needs to be done almost 9 times a year. Just before the rainy season moringa trees are cut down to 1 or 2 metres in height allowing them to grow back with assistance in the rainy season being more than in case of the dry season. Another way of harvest is by trimming some branches leaving others for a different time period. Some people also just pick up a few leaves off each of the branches. The leaves have to be stripped off the stem and then rinsed preferably in a bleach solution to get rid of the germs and dirt.

Drying the moringa leaves

When you want moringa leaf powder through grinding, you will have to dry those leaves thoroughly. The leaves should be dried in a well protected area so that there isn’t loss of vitamins. At the same time contamination from pests has to be prevented as well. Drying also has to happen quite quickly, otherwise molds could start growing. Different methods are started to dry these leaves especially when the humidity is very high. A lot of gadgets are also used frequently such as ovens, driers, fans or dehydrators. In fact, mosquito nets are also used as shelves to ensure that the leaves are thoroughly dried.

Moringa leaves’ powder usage

Damaged and discoloured leaves need to be left out. Along with the stems, even the spoilt leaves could be used as cattle feed. Dried leaves are usually rubbed against a fine screen. Sifting is also important as that will help keep the stems and other such things away, before you grind them. That way you ensure that unpleasantness doesn’t creep into the taste. This powder needs to be stored well, so that it can be used for a long time.

Find out some very useful tips on how to use Moringa Leaf Powder to cure different diseases.

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