Voip- Introduction to Voice Over Internet Protocol

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Voice Over Internet Protocol is a relatively new method of sending and receiving telephone calls. Sometimes called IP telephony, internet telephony, broadband telephony broadband phone, or voice over broadband, VOIP technology allows you to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection, rather than a regular (analog) traditional phone line. Basically, it is the routing of voice conversations over the internet or through any other IP-based network.

The main benefit of using VOIP technology is that you can use your internet connection, which you are already paying for, to place long distance calls, completely circumventing local phone companies and their charges. Voice Over Internet Protocol does not carry the same taxes and other fees that local phone companies do.

How does VOIP work?

Traditional analog phone connections use analog technology. Simply put, the technology used in Voice Over Internet Protocol works by converting your voice from this analog signal into a digital signal, which can then be sent over the internet. If you are calling a regular phone, the digital signal is converted back into a traditional analog signal before it reaches the destination.

There are three main methods in which Voice Over Internet Protocol is used:

The most common way in which VOIP is used is with an ATA, or Analog Telephone Adaptor. This adaptor allows your existing phone to be used. The phone is connected to the adaptor, which is then routed through your computer and connected to the internet.

Another common way VOIP technology is being used is through the use of IP phones. These phones are specially designed to be used with a VOIP connection. In most ways, they are very similar to traditional house phones, except that rather than having a traditional phone line connector, the IP phones have an Ethernet connector. These IP phones plug directly into your internet router, bypassing the actual PC itself. The actual computer is then not required to be used with the phone. The necessary technologies are self-contained in the actual phone, and connected to the internet directly through the router.

The third most common method of using VOIP technology is called computer to computer, or PC to PC, calling. This method is entirely free and is not subject to any taxes or fees found with local telephone companies. The only things you need are an internet connection, any necessary VOIP software, a computer, and a microphone and speakers.

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